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Our Services

Residential and Small Commercial Jobs

We deliver the highest quality finishings for cabinets, home interiors and exteriors.  Small commercial projects are also a specialty.

Kitchen Refurbishing

At Pro Finish Cabinets, our forte is providing premium quality finishes.  So when your kitchen or bath is tired, give us a call!   Our creative experts can solve your problems and have you thrilled about your home or business again.



Whether it's for interior or exterior, when you hire us, you've hired the experts.  We can recommend the right paints for the job and apply those finishes so that you'll enjoy your living space for many years to come.

Historical Restoration

We've worked with homes and businesses in Coastal Virginia for many years.  We're familiar with the seasons, and we're familiar with the quirks that come with old structures. Trust us to do what it takes to restore your property properly. 

Premium Finishes

Any job worth doing is worth doing well.   Pro Finish Cabinets will take pride in providing the pinnacle of paint and stain products for the job, and we have the experience to provide applications that stand the test of time.

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